March Drought Forecast Map


Brief Summary:   December through March represents the dry season for Jamaica. The rainfall outlook for January to March 2017 is reflecting near normal or what would be considered climatology with warmer days.

There was significant deficit in rainfall for Hanover and Westmoreland for October and November and likely for December as well due to the lack of significant rainfall activity during the month. Shortfall in activity was also seen in some southern parishes.

Western and southern parishes are therefore likely to experience some level of drying for January through March due to the forecast showing reduced rainfall activity which is likely to exacerbate the existing deficit.

To view our Google Earth 3D drought maps use the following link listed below to download our image files:  

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SPI Data Used In Jamaica Drought Monitor

Categories SPI Values 
 Near Normally Drying


 0.0 to -0.4
Abnormally Dry


-0.5 to -0.7
Moderate Drought


-0.8 to -1.2
Severe Drought


-1.3 to -1.5
Extreme Drought


-1.6 to -1.9
Exceptional Drought


-2.0 or less
Categories SPI Values 
Near Normally Wetness


 0.0 to 0.4
Abnormally Wetness


0.5 to 0.7
Moderate Wetness


0.8 to 1.2
Severe Wetness


1.3 to 1.5
Extreme Wetness


1.6 to 1.9
Exceptional Wetness


2.0 or more

Near normal drying and Abnormally Dry …are used for areas showing dryness but not yet in drought

Near normal wetness and Abnormally wetness …are used for areas recovering from drought.